Consciousness & Wisdom Studies Lab at the University of Toronto

Understanding consciousness is the Holy Grail of cognitive science, and for good reason. Nothing seems so intimately familiar to us and yet so mysterious to our understanding. It is a defining feature of our humanity, and transformations of consciousness are the hallmark of our spirituality. There is nothing we would exchange for our consciousness, and yet we have no clear idea what it does, or how it fits into the natural world. At once enticing and elusive, its explanation stands at the frontier of our scientific self-understanding.

While there is no shortage of theories that attempt to explain consciousness, we now enter an era where experimentation holds the plausible promise of taking us a long way towards truly understanding consciousness. This transformation of theory into more direct investigation holds the potential to create new concepts and technologies for understanding and altering consciousness. These new practices and practical devices could in turn drive a fundamental transformation of our self-understanding and spirituality. This new Consciousness & Wisdom Studies Lab has as its mandate just such an experimental exploration of the frontier of consciousness and the realization of the promise such knowledge will bring.

– Dr. John Vervaeke